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Genesis Science Mission is a Creation Science ministry that is both a resource on the scientific support for Biblical Creation and against evolution It is also a contact for topical creation science seminars and other tools. The goal is to help strengthen Christians’ faith in the Bible and reach out to the lost through God’s creation.

We do not endorse the idea of including creation science as part of public school science curriculums, however, the Big Bang to man story should also be not be included as well. This is because of ideas such as universal common descent of all life on Earth, the evolution of man from a common ancestor with apes, abiogenesis, uniformitarianism, the nebular theory of planet and star formation, and the Big Bang are not only scientifically questionable but philosophically and inherently atheistic. As a result, the unquestioned pushing of the Big Bang to man story in public school science curriculums violates the establishment clause of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

We hold to a young Earth and universe created by God about 6,000 years ago as presented in the Bible. Based on studying available the scientific evidence not just from creationists but from Evolutionists as well we have concluded that the scientific evidence actually best fits a young Earth and universe created by God. The main problem is that God and the Biblical account a usually excluded from consideration as a starting assumption in interpreting that evidence. When these interpretations are presented as scientific fact without any counter arguments or facts; the result is propaganda that tends to indoctrinate students into an atheistic and often anti-theistic worldview. 

Founded by and website created by Charles Creager Jr. 

Received B.S. degree in Physics from Bob Jones Univ. in Greenville, SC. In 1989

An administrator and major contributor to Creation Wiki an on line Creation Science encyclopedia.

Paper Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe published in Answers Research Journal in 2008

Paper Entropy and Applied Energy published in Creation Research Society Quarterly in 2012

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