Life is a truly amazing phenomenon, while we know we are alive, exactly what the nature of life is still eludes science. What scientific research has been done, is entirely on the physical nature of life. It does not preclude some form of spiritual nature. In the present discussion, you focus on the scientifically accessible physical aspects of life, and it will not speculate on any spiritual nature. What follows are some of the amazing things that science does tell us about the nature of life. This evidence itself should be enough to eliminate a naturalistic origin of life but to eliminate the Darwinian concept of the evolution of all life on Earth from a single common ancestor.

There are two main types of cells Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic

Prokaryotic cells the lack membrane-bound organelles well these are as simple as living things get they're still incredibly complex.

For example, I do not have a nucleus but their DNA spread throughout the entire cell. In fact, it has all of the organelle functions but they are just spread throughout the cell. There are two types of Prokaryotic cells Bacteria and Archaea.

Bacteria are the simplest form of life known to exist, however, they are amazingly complex. Like other cells, they have molecular machines and much of the same equipment just not within internal membranes. What is interesting about these cells is that they have a little molecular machine called the flagellum there's actually a little motor boat engine that propels the bacteria through which environment.

Archaea is almost identical and characteristics too bacteria, but they have distinct molecular characteristics that separate them from bacteria.

When cells the first discovered in 1665 they actually look quite simple. Through an optical microscope, cells look like little more bags of fluid the nucleus. This view of a living cell made abiogenesis look quite feasible.

However, this changed with the invention of the electron microscope in 1931. It is revealed that the structure of living cells is far more organized and complex than had previously been imagined. It has shown the existence of organelles and other substructures that should have killed the idea of abiogenesis. What keeps abiogenesis going is a prior commitment to natural causes and not actual science.

The information storage system of life consists of Deoxyribonucleic acid for DNA for short. This information storage system is a quaternary digital storage system with many complexities. It is the densest known storage system being encoded at the molecular level.   DNA is packaged in the form of chromosomes come up with strands of DNA are wrapped up for storage. Segments a DNA unwrapped for reading other functions. One of the main functions of DNA is encoding the information needed for cells to produce the proteins and enzymes that they need, otherwise they would die. The amazing information storage system that is DNA, cannot be compared by anything made by man. Nothing even comes close to the sophistication and complexity of life's information storage system we call DNA. This DNA stored information is one of the most critical components of life and it is one of the things that clearly distinguishes it non-living material.

Among the amazing things about living organisms that show up in even the simplest living cells are amazing molecular machines. These molecular machines carry out numerous functions within the cell being built from proteins manufactured based on the information in DNA. Here are some examples of some of these molecular machines.

These are just a small sample of the molecular machines found in living cells. You don't see them mentioned much in the discussion of evolution by evolutionists really because they make very poor Pro-revolutionary propaganda. Furthermore, the reality is no evolutionary explanation for these molecular machines many of which are absolutely essential to the organism's survival.

The ability of multicellular organisms different types of cells for different functions is one of the amazing aspects of living things. Within the human body alone to her numerous different types of cells. Cellular differentiation is an example of epigenetics turning on and off genes. The genes that are turned on and off determine what type of cell a given cell will become. Among the types of differentiated cells are blood cells, neural cells, bone cells, muscle cells and much more. It is this differentiation of self that allows multicellular organisms to produce complex structures. This ability to produce different kinds of cells, as well as having the genetics which kind of cell is one of the things that makes Universal common descent evolution unrealistic. It adds another layer of organized complexity to living systems beyond the overwhelming organized complexity of a single cell.

Despite everything that has been learned about life, in some way we still do not know exactly what it is. We can define life based on the properties that it has, but that is it. In the end, we really do not have a clear-cut definition of life even though we can distinguish life from death. The amazing nature of life is ultimately beyond our comprehension, despite if we ourselves are an example of living beings. We know that life consists of a highly organized complex arrangement of chemicals and chemical reactions but is that all it is? There is much about life that science has yet to unravel and perhaps may never do so.  

The nature of life is truly amazing and we have only begun to touch the surface of that nature. The simple fact is life is more than chemicals at its very least highly organized complex arrangement of chemicals and chemical processes. Include the fact that cells manufacture and use numerous molecular machines and it becomes even more amazing. Life's amazing nature speaks plainly against the natural origin of life in strongly in favor of intelligent design by God. The notion the life came into existence spontaneously by natural processes and then developed do mutations and natural selection results from an anti-scientific determination to exclude God.

Multicellular life is simply life the consists of more than one cell. You don't have to look far to find examples the most cellular life because we are everywhere. I say we are everywhere because we are examples of multicellular life. The simplest form of multicellular life is considered to be a 4 cell species of algae called Tetrabaena socialis. (happiest alga) It was given this name because it resembles a four-leaf clover. However, calling it multicellular life is actually a bit of a stretch. It qualifies as multicellular life only in the sense that there is more than one cell. It is more like a simple cluster of 4 separate organisms rather than a single organism. Furthermore, there is a huge leap to what is next in line. Sponges are the simplest organisms that truly qualifies multicellular. They are clearly more than just a simple colony of cells because they have a structure and wife history that shows they are a single organism. One thing that distinguishes true multi-cell your life from a simple colony are single-celled organisms is the ability to make complex structures. This is done by being able to create different cell types within the group, something as simple Colony lacks. What this differentiation of cells complex machines can be made to do various jobs within the body of the overall organism.

Proteins a molecule consisting of long chains of amino acids the composition of which is encoded by DNA. The DNA is transcribed into RNA by a molecular machine called an RNA polymerase. This RNA is then used by another molecular machine called a ribosome. To perform the function for which they were made each protein has to be folded into a particular shape is needed by the cell. This folding has to be done exactly right or it can cause problems. Once folded the protein is usually used in the construction of the various molecular machines used by the cell.

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes. They consist of plant and animal cells. Animal cells have a nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes. This includes several mitochondria organelles that proved energy. The entire cell is encased in a cell membrane. Plant cells have a lot in common with animal cells but they have two additional fractures. Chlorophyll by which plants convert light from the sun in energy they and other living things can use. Cell walls which keep the cell rigid and strong.

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From: Leaving Certificate Biology - Cell Structure

From: Leaving Certificate Biology - Cell Structure

DNA is not self replicating but copying DNA takes several molecular machines that unwind it, separated it, transcribe it, and rewind it. Transposing DNA information to RNA involves a molecular machine called RNA polymerase that separates the DNA, transposes it to RNA and then reconnects the DNA A Ribosome is a molecular machine that uses the RNA to manufacture proteins on demand. Another molecular machine then folds the protein stand into the exact shape needed for its job.


Motor proteins carry proteins to where they are needed in bags called vesicle. The motor proteins carry the vesicle by walking along microtubules.  Without question is the most famous cellular molecular machine is the bacterial flagellum. This amazing molecular machine a molecular scale electric outboard motor with a rotor, stator, brushes and even a universal joint. Evolutionists look for any excuse as to why this is not irreducibly complex, like the fact that there are several variations and some of the parts are used for the functions. However, saying that this does not make it irreducibly complex is like saying that because there was more than one model car and that some car parts can be used in other ways that cars are not every irreducibly complex. Furthermore, for bacteria to build this required genetic information to tell her how to do so. Also, ever since have no real explanation as to how it could have evolved all they are doing is trying to attack the idea black it didn't.