The Bible, what is it?


The Bible is a truly amazing book, it is loved by many as the word of God, but it is also hated by many because it being them unwanted conviction of their sin. What the Bible actually is, is of great importance. If it were nothing but another piece of ancient mythology it would only be valuable as ancient literature. However since the Bible is the word of God making it the most important book in existence, and ignoring it is done at the peril of ones soul.

The Bible describes the fall of mankind and God's plan of redemption for mankind by way of the death, burial and resurrection Jesus Christ. Romans 3:23 shows us that all men have sinned and deserve the penalty for their sin of  spiritual death in hell. This means that we are all in need of redemption and because Jesus has paid the penalty for all our sins by of His death on cross, God offers us the free gift eternal life with Him. (Romans 6:23) Accepting this free gift of salvation from God comes by believing on Jesus and His redemptive work of dying on the cross and raising from the dead (Romans 10:9,10) and repenting of your sins. (Acts 20:21)  Then it is simply a matter of asking the Lord to come into your heart and save you. (Romans 10:13) There is nothing magical about such a prayer but it must be accompanied by belief in Jesus and repentance of sin. Accept God's gift of salvation by believing the Lord Jesus Christ as saviour.

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