Evolutionist and Dinosaurs


According to evolutionists dinosaurs lived 65-235 million of years ago. The image is one of millions of years of suffering and death before man. These dates are base on the alleged position of dinosaurs in the geologic column. A dinosaurs bone is assumed to be from the "Mesozoic Era" regardless of its condition or location. Unfossilized dinosaurs bones have been found indicating that they are of recent origin, but yet such bones are still considered to be at least 65 million years old.

Dinosaurs tend to convince people of evolution since these are large powerful animals that allegedly lived and died out long before man showed up on Earth. Dinosaurs are so associated with evolution that some Christians have wrongfully suggested that they are a hoax.

Now dinosaurs are not a hoax but neither did they die out 65 million years ago. There is considerable evidence of dinosaurs and man not only living on Earth at the same time, but also in close proximity to each other.




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