Historical vs. Operational Science

The difference between historical and operational sciences often causes confusion in that they are both labeled science. The result is that most people think that historical science and operational science are on the same same level when they are not, This is not to say that  historical science is not science but simply that is the more heavily influenced by philosophical assumptions than operational sciences is and that its validity is harder to test.


To illustrate the influence of assumptions about the past on the interpretation of evidence watch the video below.

Now calculate the how long each candle has been burning at the end of the video.

To help here are images of the candles at beginning and the end of the video.

Total video time 105 seconds

Beginning end of the video.

End of the video.

A Seconds

B Seconds

C Seconds

Click here  to check your answer

As simple as this illustration is, it shows the fact that studying the past requires making assumptions about the past.

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