Science and the Supernatural

How should science deal with the supernatural?

There are basically four ways that science can dale with the supernatural.

Ignore it.

Insist on naturalistic explanations.

Isolate it from science.

Integrate it into science.

One way that something can be outside our universe is by way of higher dimensions. That is we live in universe of 3 spacial dimensions and object entering or leaving our universe from a higher dimension would act is seemingly magical ways and could cause detectable effects with out any apparent cause. Such and  event would usually be labeled as supernatural and in a real way it would be since it is acting outside or beyond nature. While the possibility of such dimensions is suggested by General Relativity, M-theory has produced a theoretical based for dimensions out side our universe.


This interactive program shows the effect of a sphere passing through a space of fewer dimensions.
Click on the above image to run program. 

This shows how an event from out side our 3 spacial dimensions would have seemingly magical propertied that can't be legitimately explained by natural process within our universe. This makes defining the supernatural in terms of an event that is caused or influenced from outside our universe sensible. This is the best way for Science to deal with the supernatural. 


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