Fossilized Conduits Suggest Past Underground Water on Mars

(Credit: NASA and Mustard Lab/Brown University)

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has photographed what look like fossilized water conduits. This provides evidence for the subterranean water originally suggested by catastrophic Martian geology. This catastrophic model of Martian geology suggested that the Meridiani Planum region of Mars where the rover Opportunity landed was flooded by a subterranean water source. This possibility was strengthened by results from the rover Curiosity which indicate the Gale Crater was also underground water.

These water conduits were probably formed by cracks resulting from and impact that then filled with muddy water from furthered below the surface. The conclusion that these are underground water conduits could gain further support as Curiosity is expected to have have an opportunity to examine mineralized fractures at Gale Crater.

This is yet another in a long list of increasing evidence in support of the catastrophic model of Martian geology. It is truly a model that keeps on explaining and being supported by everything found on Mars.



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