Higgs Boson to Well Behaved for Particle Physicists

Particle physicists had hopes that the Higgs boson would open the door to expanding particle physicists beyond the standard model so as to finding identity of things such as dark matter. However much to the disappointment of particle physicists the Higgs boson has turned out to be too well behaved to give particle physicists the clues they were looking for. They have had some small false alarms in the data but have been disappointed each time. One possibility is a model called the Neutrino Minimal Standard Model (nuMSM) is supported by these results. In the nuMSM dark matter is a neutrino and the Higgs behaves in near perfect agreement with the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

One other model is supported by the nice behavior is the Information universe which can include the Neutrino Minimal Standard Model. This is because the the Information universe does not require any thing physical below the particle level. On the other hand short of a modification to General Relativity such as Cosmological Relativity, the Information universe still needs a model for dark matter and a model where dark matter is something as basic as a neutrino and a well behaved Higgs boson is the best fit to the Information universe.

This problem gets even worst for particle physicists since the Large  Hadron Collider's efforts to find new particles predicted by supersymmetry have been a total failure. Supersymmetry predicts that every known  particle should have a heavier superpartner so as to extend the standard model to include dark matter and other things missing from the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Such are failures another nail in the coffin for theories such as Supersymmetry.


Higgs boson is too saintly and supersymmetry too shy

The Information Universe




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