Busting the Myth of
Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Looking at other planets shows carbon dioxide to be the most natural atmospheric gas for terrestrial planets. The Solar system contains three terrestrial planets with substantial atmospheres. Two of them Mars and Venus have predominantly carbon dioxide atmospheres. Even Earth would have a nitrogen / carbon dioxide atmosphere if plants did not produce lots of free oxygen. So once again the idea of dioxide as a pollutant is absurd.

But doesn’t global warming make carbon dioxide dangerous? Well even if you ignore the fact that the computer models used to support man caused global warming make the thermodynamically impossible assumption that as the global temperature raises the amount of heat lost to space goes down. If you ignore Climate Gate which shows that climate data has been manipulated. Even if you ignore all this and take the proponents of global warming at their word, they are only predicting a rise in temperature comparable to that of the Medieval Warm Period. The Medieval Warm Period was actually beneficial allowing the Vikings to reach America and helping Europe recover from the black plaque by producing increased food production and prosperity. So once again carbon idea of dioxide being a pollutant is absurd.

So why has the EPA take such a ludicrous step? The answer is Cap and Trade. President Obama could not get Cap and Trade passed congress because it is a scam that would enrich those behind the plan at the expense of the U.S. economy. After congress refused to pass Cap and Trade because it is a huge job killer during a time of high unemployment, President Obama used the EPA to do get it by way of regulation. The EPA ruling carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant is President Obama’s way of doing this.


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On bases of claims of man caused global warming the Environmental Protection Agency has officially deemed carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant. They are further using this decree to regulate carbon dioxide. This ruling is blatantly ridiculous because this the idea of carbon dioxide an air pollutant could not be more absurd than it already is. First of all Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring atmospheric gas used by plants and produced by people and animals. Not only have that but plants actually thrived on higher levels of carbon dioxide. This gas poses no danger to people or animals because we breathe it in and out in every breath we take with no ill affects.


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