Richard Dawkins
God Might Exist

In what is an amazing admission Richard Dawkins has stated that he is not 100% certain that God does not exist. Given the fact that Richard Dawkins is the undisputed high priest of Atheism this is an amazing admission.

Now this is not some kind of a turn around on Dawkins’ part because he says the odd of God existing is extremely small but not zero. However how would one would actually calculate such odd is highly questionable, because to say that the odd of God existing is anything less than 100% certain requires believing that it is possible for us to exist without God existing. Given the thermodynamic impossibility of naturalistic abiogenesis it actually highly unlikely that God dose not exits.

That said this is an astounding admission from Dawkins since he has never before given even the smallest of hints of even being willing to consider any possibility that God exists.


 Richard Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist



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