Vegetative State Patients Communicate through MRI

Recently a MRI study of vegetative state patients showed the ability to communicate by way of the MRI by way of yes and no answers. This shows what some people have thought all along that at least some of these patients still have a conscious existence but simply lack the ability to break through and communicate. This vindicates the claims of families that their vegetative state family member was showing signs of responding to them. Signs such has these have normally been dismissed by doctors as being nothing but reflect actions but this study indicates that the families were right after all.

Now this does not qualify as proof of the existence of the sole, but these results are what one would expect to see if the mined is separate from the brain. In cases like these the brain may be largely gone but the person is still there and can't reach out through their damaged body. In such cases the person would be largely unresponsive yet still might be capable making small actions like moving eyelids that could be interpreted as reflexive.

Unfortunately the neuroscience statuesque is one of total naturalism and so most  neurologists would dismiss any reaction of vegetative state patients as totally reflexive. One discovery that goes against a naturalistic view is evidence that synaptic activity requires quantum tunneling on demand that has a 1 in 10 million chance of happening. This means that the mind has to be independent of synaptic activity and capable of controlling it, suggesting the existence of the sole.



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