Water-World Found

Astronomers using the Hubble space telescope have confirmed that a large portion the exoplanet GJ 1214b is water. This was done because they caught the planet while moving between us and its star. This allowed them to make measurements of the planets atmosphere. These measurements showed that GJ 1214b has a dense atmosphere water vapor. The planet probably has more water than Earth consisting largely of what is called hot ice or superfluid water which results from extremely high temperatures and pressures. As interesting as this discovery is, it is too early to get existed about the possibilities of E.T. because the planet is too warm for life.

Here is a comparison the sizes of GJ 1214 b to Earth and Neptune.
Wikimedia Commons: Exoplanet Comparison GJ 1214 b


GJ 1214b Stats

Mass 6.55 x Earth
Radius 2.678 x Earth
Density 0.34 x Earth
Surface gravity 0.91g
Temperature  120 – 282o C
Orbital distance  0.0431 AU
Year 1.58 Earth days

GJ 1214b orbits a red dwarf star called GJ 1214 that is located just 40 light years from Earth but it is extremely close to its star orbiting making in uninhabitable. This data shows that GJ 1214b is too hot for life at average temperature above the boiling point of water. With a surface gravity is slightly less than that of Earth because of its lower density than Earth.

Here is a comparison the sizes of GJ 1214 b's orbit wit that of Mercury.

This planet obits much closer to it star than Mercury does our sun, in fact it would probably be unimaginably hot if it were orbiting anything but a red dwarf .It is so close to its star that it would probably be tidal locked with the same side always facing the star which makes the maximum temperature even worst. The planet would seem to be in the process of boiling off into space.

A planet with so much water could never form so close to a star even red dwarf making this planet yet another argument against planet formation theory. The way astronomers get around such impossible planets is theorize that they moved from where they originally formed. What this means is that planet formation theory is totally unfalsifiable since it as been patched up so as to explain away any planet that does not fit the mold.
The unfalsifiable nature of many of these theories takes them out side of the realm of science in to the realm of being nothing but an atheistic myth. The reason why it is an atheistic myth is that there is no consideration of God in these theories because they assume that He does not exist.

From a creation science perspective this planet and all other such planets could have been created in place and so it is not a surprise to creationists. You may argue that this makes the creation science model untreatable as well but that is not the case because it predicts that we would find planets in orbits that challenge naturalistic planet formation theory and we do. GJ 1214b is such further evidence of how unique our solar system is and how special the Earth is.


Distant 'water-world' confirmed



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