Wind a Risk to Wind Turbines

Wind is the Biggest Risk to Wind Turbines Video

Giving green energy proponents something to be happy about current Energy Department policy is to have twenty percent of the U.S. electricity to come from wind in 18 years. A sixthed part of that goal it to be achieved by way of offshore wind turbines, However in a twist of laughable irony researchers at Carnegie Mellon have shown that hurricanes (high speed wins) pose a significant risk to these turbines toppling up to half of them. The fact that each of these wind farms can cost $175,000,000 it is a significant concern about the unintended expenses of such sources of Energy.

Add this to the fact that wind is not a 100% reliable source of energy since it blows at different rates at different times and some time does not blow at all. So the Energy Department wants us to get a significant of portion of energy from a source of can not be controlled, can go off all together or it can shoot up to a level that will destroy the wind turbines them selves.

If President Obama were serious about developing a source of clean energy he would back up more practical developments like muon catalyzed fusion. But isn't nuclear power dangerous? you may ask  First of you need to separate nuclear reactors from nuclear bombs, while they use the same type of energy nuclear reactors ad bombs work totally differently such that there is no way you can turn nuclear reactor into a nuclear bomb. Second un like fission power plants, muon catalyzed fusion power plants would not  produces radioactive waste. The radioactive waste from fission power plants is largely in form of spent fuel rods. On the other hand by product of muon catalyzed fusion is non radioactive helium making it a truly clean source of clean energy.



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