Faster than light neutrino Mystery Might be Solved

Last year Scientists at OPERA reported measuring neutrino from CERN going faster than light. This sparked off claims that the discovery posed a problem for Einstein’s theory of Relativity. While in reality it poses no real problem of relativity since imaginary rest masse particles called tachyons that would be for ever stuck above the speed of light have long been speculated about. However such a discovery would still be momentous.

Not long after the possible discovery was announced issues began to arise since the faster than light neutrinos also had an issue with the conservation of energy.  Now it seems that Scientists at OPERA has their wires crossed…literally.

It turns out that the cable between the GPS receiver and the timestamp computer was malfunctioning at the time producing a 60 nanosecond of delay. This delay stamped the neutrinos arrival at OPERA as 60 nanoseconds early than they really were. The result was that the neutrino seemed to be going faster than light. Further experiments are planed to check to see if this new explanation is indeed the case.


Einstein Wrong? Maybe Just Faulty Wiring



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