Flies and Zebra Stripes

Researchers have found that the flies are more likely to go after all black animals or all white animals more than they are striped a striped animal. While this clearly not a job one would brag about it suggests that horseflies actually hate zebras because of their stripes. It seems that the narrow, vertical stripes of the zebra are specifically made to keep these pests away.

This would indeed provide a survival advantage since the flies can transmit lethal diseases. A creationist perspective on this offers two possibilities. One is that the stripes are actually the original color of horses. We do not have pictures of the horses that got off of Noah’s Ark so for all we really know most other horses may have mutated pigment genes.

The other possibility is that of natural selection. Hair color particularly black and white is just a matter of the amount of pigment in the hair so it is not unreasonable to think that mutation and natural selection played a role here since no new information is required. Yes, creationists do not have a problem with natural selection we simply do not have subscribe to it the magical abilities that evolutionists do.


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