Significant differences Found Between Human and Chimp Brain Development

A recent postmortem study the brains of both Humans and chimps have found that human brain development last much longer than chimps. In humans the genes that control brain development go into high gear from birth to age five. However in chimps these genes turn off shortly after birth. This makes a huge difference in brain development.

In chips and macaques the number of synapses increases rapidly immediately following birth but that rate quickly falls off. In humans the number does not peak until about age four. So human brains take more time develop more and better connections.

What this study ultimately shows is the large difference between God’s design of human beings and His deign of Chimps. Humans are designed to be smarter and more capable than chips and so it is not surprising that differences in the rates of development show this fact.


Human Brains Wire Up Slowly but Surely

Dramatic difference found between human and chimpanzee brains.



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