Two enormous supermassive black holes Discovered

Referring to these massive monsters as supermassive black holes is probably the biggest understatements of astronomy because they dwarf the previous record of 6.3 billion times the mass of the sun. Each of these two black holes has a larger diameter than our entire solar system and could easily swallow us whole. These supermassive black holes were both discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope to be at the centers of other galaxies.

The smaller of these two is at the center of galaxy NGC 3842 in the consolation Leo and at an estimated distance of about 331 million light-years and a mass of about 9.7 billion Suns, However the other one would call it tiny.

The larger one holes is at the center of galaxy NGC 4889 in the Coma constellation. This undisputed champion of the supermassive black holes has the mass of a whopping 21 billion Suns.

Discoveries like these are show that the universe sill has many mysteries hiding in the depths of space. It needs to be noted that supermassive black holes like this are so large that planets and even stars could fall through the event horizon intact.



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