Fermilab Narrows
the Range on Higgs Boson

Two teams of physicists at Illinois' Fermilab using their Tevatron particle collider spotted events consistent with Higgs Boson in the 115 and 135 GeV range. This data corresponds nicely with CERN's discovery that the Higgs boson has to be between 115 and 127 GeV.

The results from these labs do not constitute proof of the existence of the Higgs Boson. How ever if it does exist these experiments show that they are in the 115 and 127 GeV range. The evidence is interesting but not yet conclusive. As it could still be random noise. With the September closing of the Tevatron collider the final word on the Higgs boson will have to come from CERN.


Fermilab Closes In on Higgs Boson



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