James Cameron Dives to the Bottom of Mariana Trench

James Cameron Visits Deepest Spot in the Ocean.

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On Mar 25, 2012 Director James Cameron became only the third person in history the visit the bottom of the Mariana Trench. More people have walked on the Moon (12) than have been to the Bottom of the Mariana trench at a depth of 6.78 miles. He safely returned after a 3 hour stay on the bottom.

This is an amazing feat given the fact that so few people have been down there because of the danger from the pressure. Cameron who directed the movies Titanic and Avatar plans on using the footage for an 3D motion picture. His exhibition was partly founded by the National Geographic.

You can twitter your congratulations to him at https://twitter.com/#!/@JimCameron

James Cameron Reaches Deepest Spot on Planet

James Cameron Back From Planet's Deepest Spot



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