Red Deer Cave people could be separate human species or
a Mixture of Human Groups

Fossilized human remains were found in two south west China caves. Dated by evolutionists at 11,500 - 14,300 and years consist of partial skulls and other fragmented bones from a minimum of 4 individuals have an unusual mix of traits. Some are the same as modern man wile others are considered more primitive. They were different from modern humans in that they had a jutting jaws, large molar teeth, prominent brows, thick skulls, flat faces and broad noses and average brain sizes relative to other classified as from the ice age. "The research team from the University of New South Wales in Australia has suggested that they may be a separate human species. A possible alternative explanation for mixture of traits is a hybridization of groups rather than being a different species.

It is clear whether or not they are technically classified as a separate human species they were still human beings. From a creationist perspective they would be off chutes of the human race that live during the post flood ice age about 5000 thousand years ago. The relatively few individuals found and the degree of fragmentation of the remains makes claiming them to be an entirely separate human species a bit of a stretch. They could have just as well have been a small isolated family group whose traits could be a result of inbreeding.


'Red Deer Cave people' may be new species of human



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