Y chromosome not going extinct

In most mammals sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes XY for males and XX for females. The Y chromosome is only carried by the male and looks like a stub on the end of the mother’s X chromosome.

 Based on the evolutionary theory of a common ancestor it is assumed that the Y chromosome started out looking like X chromosome and that they swapped genes in recombination.  According the story about 166,000,000 years ago, part of the Y chromosome in our alleged ancestral line got flip over and then got reinserted. The change was so large that the X and Y chromosomes no longer swap genes by way of recombination. As a result of this change the Y chromosome began to gain mutations resulting in gene loss, causing it to aquifer its characteristic Y shape.

The human Y chromosome has 19 genes in common with the X chromosome when they are alleged to have started with 800 genes in common. So based on the assumption that the above story is true evolutionists calculated the rate of gene loss over the estimated 166,000,000 years and there by concluded that the Y chromosome would be gone in 4,600,000 years.

Well a resent study of the Y chromosome from the rhesus macaque showed that they have 20 genes in their Y chromosome that match the X which is one more than the human 19 gene match. Based on the assumption that humans had a common ancestor whit the monkeys 25,000,0000 years ago she concluded that the Y chromosome had stabilized because what is left serve critical biological functions.

This shows the fantasies one can concoct by assuming the evolutionary theory of a common ancestor.  The actual facts in this case are:

  1. Mammals sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes XY for males and XX for females.
  2. The human have X and Y chromosome have 19 genes in common.
  3. The rhesus macaque have X and Y chromosome have 20 genes in common and 19 of these are the same as in humans.
  4. Apparently some mammals have as many as 800 genes common between X and Y chromosomes.

The rest is nothing but 100% evolutionary assumptions. The Creation Science way of looking at this data is that these different kinds of mammals were created separately with out common ancestry and so projection based on common are expected to produce conflicting results.


Men's Y chromosome is not about to go extinct



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