Nearby Dwarf Galaxy
Galaxy Formation Models

A recent discovery of bright nebular gas emissions around dwarf galaxy I Zw 18 has raised problems for galaxy formation models. This dwarf galaxy is close enough to distinguish nebular gas emissions from star light. The emissions result from heavy supernova activity that is usually associated with heavy star formation as extremely large stars are thought to die quickly. These nebular gas emissions are as bright as the stars in the galaxy it self and extend beyond the edge of the galaxy making it seem larger than it really is.

What this means for galaxy formation models is that some distant galaxies thought to be fully formed may not be but look that way do to surrounding nebular gas emissions. It needs to be noted that this discovery is only a problem for standard models of galaxy formation since they assume the accuracy of standard star formation models and their subsequent development.

This discovery also raise some questions for Creationist models that assume these galaxies are seen fully formed. This discovery is consistent with both Halton Arp’s work and John Hartnett creation science version of  it. This is the case since according to both these models many if not of these galaxies would be nearer than in other models and they would still be under construction.


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