Movie maker plans trip the bottom of the Sea

Wikimedia Commons

The Mariana Trench is so deep (seven miles) that it could swallow Mt. Everest. (5miles high) It so dangerous that it has only been visited once by the US Navy by two men onboard the bathyscaphe Trieste on 23 January 1960 and then they could only stay for 20 minutes. In fact six time as many men (12) have walked on the Moon than have been to the bottom of the Mariana

Now James Cameron; director of the Avatar and Titanic; plans on making the seven miles trip down to the world's most inaccessible spot later this month. He’s plans on making the trip in a miniature submarine that he built. His plans include spending six hours filming them the life down there and gathering samples to bring to the surface.

The project is partly funded by the National Geographic Society and plans are for it to produce more than scientific research. The plan is to turn the footage filmed on the trip in two documentaries. One of the documentaries will be in 3D. On March 7th Cameron tested his 3 an half foot wide capsule to a depth of five miles by visiting the New Britain Trench which is off the coast of Papua New Guinea


James Cameron Plans Deepest Ocean Dive Ever



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