Natural Selection Evolved
Life from Lifeless Chemicals
So It Is Now Claimed

The latest naturalistic idea on for t he origin of life is that the chemicals in the primordial soup evolved into living systems by way of a form of natural selection. The idea is bases on observations that certain combinations of molecules are better able to avoid destruction when they are joined than they would alone.

The model starts with the fact molecules floating around in a primordial soup would be been continually destroyed by ultraviolet radiation, heat and other processes.  However the combination into larger compounds of certain pairs of molecules sometimes protect each other. Molecules that combine this way supposedly gain properties allow them to survive longer and proliferate, over mote more easily destroyed molecules. An example of this is a compound of glutamic acid and two glycine molecules which by themselves are destroyed by ultraviolet radiation but no when combined in this compound.

As interesting as this is it fails to solve the basic problem of actually getting all the peaces together into a functioning living cell. The simple fact is that even getting this far a naturalistic origin of life is a thermodynamic impossibility.  The relationship between order and entropy simply dose not make it possible. Now this is not based on the second law of thermodynamics, but a more general principle on how the application energy to a system affect the systems entropy.  This principle of entropy and applied energy requires that to  increase the degree of order of a system to a higher degree of order the energy has to be applied to the system with at least the same degree of order as the target degree of order. When this principle is applied to the origin of life no naturalistic process can do the job showing that any type abiogenesis is a thermodynamic impossibility.  The point is that you can produce all the ultraviolet radiation molecules you want but they will never produce life not now not 3 billion years ago.



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