Japanese Plan Space Elevator

It is one of the holy grails of space flight because it would drive the price of a trip into orbit to well below the millionaire level. But it has always seemed like an unreachable dream that would forever remain in the realm of science fiction because it would require enormously strong materials.

Now Obayashi Corp the company building a 2,080 ft Tokyo skyscraper has turned its sites on a space elevator capable of carrying people 22,370 miles into geosynchronous orbit. They announced that they are now working on a plan for the space elevator planning on having it built by 2050.

Wikimedia Commons

The plan involves running carbon nanotube cables from a space station geosynchronous orbit at 22,236 miles up into space to the ground and to a counterweight out at 60,000 miles. The elevator travels up the capable at 124 miles / hour taking a little over a week to reach the station.


Japanese Firm Plans Space Elevator


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