Curiosity Finds Evidence of Past Sulfuric Acid


While it is be reported as evidence of past habitability of Mars, Curiosity's first drilled rock sample analysis actually shows evidence of past Sulfuric Acid. Like the Meridiani Planum region of Mars where the rover Opportunity landed, this sample shows significant levels of both sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide which are often a residue of Sulfuric Acid. According to Catastrophic Model of Martian geology the liquid water that was once present at Gale Crater would have been a consecrated Sulfuric Acid. Erosion patterns in the rocks had already indicated an acidic environment but the discovery of sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide clinches it. This is yet another successful prediction of  the Catastrophic Model of Martian geology. So far this model has perfectly described what has been found at Gale Crater and is likely to continue to do so.




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