Galactic Positioning System Under Development

Introducing the Galactic Positioning System

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Have You Ever wondered how Kirk, Packard, Archer and especially Janeway know exactly where in the Galaxy they are even when on the other side of it. They used GPS of course; not the Global Positioning System but the Galactic Positioning System which is now under development.

The Global Positioning System works so well for cars, ships and planes that it has inspired German scientists to develop similar system that would allow a spaceship to precisely navigate the Milky Way Galaxy. Instead od a ring of satellites this system would use X-ray signals from pulsars. Pulsars are a type of dead star whose rotation produces X-ray signals with an highly exact rhythm. The system works by combining pulsar pulse data from a reference location such as Earth allowing spaceships to determine their location in space to an accuracy of 3 miles. Even in the solar system such a system would be more accurate than current methods.

Pulsars are sufficiently common and predictable in their flashing that it produces a simple straightforward method of Navigation. Unfortunately the necessary mirrors are currently to too big but ones that could be used may are under development and could be ready in the next 20 years.


Scientists Developing GPS for the Galaxy



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