Vast Structure of Milky Way’s Satellite Galaxies is a Problem for Dark Matter

Our galaxy the Milky Way, has about 100 billion stars and a lot of dust and gas forming spiral arms in a relatively flat disk with a diameter of the main part of the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years. It also has a several smaller satellite galaxies and globular clusters orbiting it.

The standard cosmological model assumes the existence of large amounts of dark matter alleged to make up some 23% of the material of universe. By definition is can not be seen and as such has never been directly observed. This standard cosmological model predicts that not only predict that
the Milky Way should have far more satellites than are observed and that they should be randomly distributed around us. The reason for this is that according too the standard cosmological model these satellite objects formed as separate objects and were then captured by the Milky Way. Since
they would come from every direction it would be almost impossible for them form a thin plane.

Astronomers have now found that the Milky Way’s various satellite objects are actually distributed in roughly a plane at a right angle to the galactic disk in a huge structure extending 33,000 – 1,000,000 light years from galaxies centre. Astronomers were not only baffled by how well the distributions of differing types of objects agreed but have shown that material being lost by these objects forms long streams along their paths that are aligned with this plane of satellite objects showing that this structure is stable.

The alternative explanation is that these satellite galaxies and clusters formed together in a single event suggesting that, a collision of two galaxies. However all this indicates that dark matter does not exist destroying this a central tenant of the standard cosmological model.


Vast Structure of Satellite Galaxies Discovered: Do the Milky Way’s Companions Spell Trouble for Dark Matter?




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