New Study ages the Rhine River 5 million years

The Rhine River had previously been dated at 10 million years most likely based on erosion rates. However a new study based fossils of at a site associated with the river now adds an extra 5 million years for a total of 15 million years.

This study is yet another demonstration the fact that dating sites by the fossils at them supersedes other dating methods. Using fossil dating not only requires not only assuming evolution but assuming the methods used to date the fossil types was accurate to begin with. One problem that this supremacy of fossil dating causes is that it renders the concept of fauna succession totally un-testable since it eliminates any way of objectively producing a relive date for fossil sites that could be used as a test.

This is a problem inherent in all methods used to date the past. Once one method become the standard for judging the  results of other methods  it becomes totally un testable. Even worst it can result in circular reasoning when the date derived by a given method are used to support the assumptions of the dating method. In this case fossil dating which assumes evolution is used to date rocks and these dates are then used to support evolution, thus the circular reasoning. 


The Rhine Is Five Million Years Older Than First Thought: Age of the River Corrected Based On Fossils



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