Mount Sharp May be formed by Wind Deposits

Curtesy of NASA/JPL

A recent paper indicates that most of the material that makes up Mount Sharp was deposited wind. Mount Sharp is the 3.4-mile-high mountain in Gale Crater near where the Curiosity rover landed.  This would include the two fan like structures. It now seems that Mount Sharp may have been deposited wind and subsequently eroded by water and thus it is consistent Gale Crater being subsequently flooded by an eruption of under ground water rather than being formed by the impact as previously theorized here even that would mean that they were air deposited rater than water deposited as JPL thought.

The possibility that Mount Sharp was deposited wind is fully consistent with the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology since the massive volcanic activity and its triggering impact bombardment would have filled there Martian atmosphere with dust greatly increasing its pressure and causing lots wind so there are probably lots of wind driven sediments all over mars that were quickly deposited in the case of Gale Crater this included a subsequent eruption of underground water that eroded Mount Sharp resulting in what we see to day.


Bizarre Mars Mountain Possibly Built by Wind, Not Water




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