Amazingly Close Planets Found

Two planets have been discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope that are orbiting the star Kepler-36 so come as close as 1.2 million miles every 97 days.  One is a so called "super-Earth" and the other is a gaseous planet about the size of  Neptune orbit this a 1,200 light-years from Earth. They are closer than any other known planets making make them visible to each other as disks instead of stars with Kepler-36c appearing Kepler-36b’s sky in  2.5 times the size as our moon as seen from Earth.

The two planets are about 30 times closer than any planets our solar system yet one has a density similar to Earth and the other has a density similar to that of Saturn. This is yet another failure of naturalistic planet formation theories and will likely force a reworking of both planet formation and migration theories.



Diameter 1.5 x Earth Diameter 3.7 x Earth
Mass 4.5 x Earth Mass 8 x Earth
Year 14 Earth days Year 16 Earth days
Distance from star
11 million miles 12 million miles
17.7 million km 19.3 million km


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