Mars Science Laboratory
on Mars Update

 Mars Science Laboratory  (Curiosity) Has taken some initial pictures at Gale Crater on Mars. Curiosity has sent back some high quality images of its landing site. The following pictures show some the basic area of Curiosity's landing site. The second picture  shows the rim of Gale Crater.

Curtesy of NASA/JPL
Click here for full resolution image.

Curtesy of NASA/JPL
Click here for full resolution image.

What stands out is that the surface rocks here seem to be generally smaller than those found at other landing sites. This suggests that the impact that made this Gale Crater occurred after the volcanic activity died down on Mars. Based on the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology the impact most likely occurred after the Genesis Flood on Earth about 4500-5000 years ago. The rocks seen here were probably the remains of larger rocks pulverized by the impact. This a preliminary analysis but if correct we could get a look at Mars's basement rock.

Curtesy of NASA/JPL

Just to the south of  Curiosity's landing site is part of a large dark area that goes around the most of Gale Crater. Since it is just south of the equator this could be a result of water seeping up from under ground. This would support the idea that the Meridiani Planum region of Mars; were Opportunity landed; was flooded by eruption of underground water. Even if it proves to just be evidence of past water such as hematite it will still support the underground water source fore the flooding of Meridiani Planum. All this preliminary but promising.



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