Mars Science Laboratory
on Mars Update II

 Mars Science Laboratory  (Curiosity) has sent back some high quality color images of Gale Crater on Mars. These images show some interesting things. As the process of discovery continues it looks like it is only going to get more interesting.


The first point of interest are areas where the shy-cranes rockets blasted away some the overlaying dust possibly exposing the underlying rock. The grayish color is consistent with granite the same rock that makes up the Earth's continental crust;  however it is still too early to say for sure. This will probably be one of the first places examined by Curiosity at which point we will find out what it is.


This color image shows Gale Crater's central peek which is where Curiosity is heading the dark area is part of the dark material in the crater. One possibility is that this is a result of present day seepage of under ground water however it could just indicate a past seepage of under ground water. In any case if this has any thing to do with water it would support the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology and an underground source of the water that once flooded the Meridiani Planum region. In any event the parliamentary data looks promising.



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