Mars Science Laboratory
on Mars Update III

 Mars Science Laboratory  (Curiosity) has sent back some more high quality color images from Gale Crater. This time we are getting better images of some points of interest in this case the dark areas. They are a point of interest because of possibility of past or present water.


This image shows the dark areas in Gale Crater. These areas definitely seem to be smoother than the surrounding land which would be consistent with present day seepage of under ground water. It is however also reminiscent of the hematite rich soil found by Opportunity in the Meridiani Planum region and thus indicates a past seepage of under ground water. In any case if this has any thing to do with water it would support the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology and an underground source of the water that once flooded Meridiani Planum region. Now this is still parliamentary but it looks promising.



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