Mars Science Laboratory
on Mars Update IV

A closes examination of geological context Gale Crater the landing site of  the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity shows that the impact probably trigger an eruption of underground water that resulted in the dark regions which are probably a result of hematite rich soil.

Curtesy of NASA/JPL

The southern part of the crater shows only a little evidence of water inflow but enough it was probably a result of overspill flowing back into the crater. Un like the Meridiani Planum region there is no real evidence of a real inflow channel. There is semi dark area supporting the idea of an overspill. Other than the three small backflow areas the rest of the southern rim shows the up wart fracturing seen in many other craters. The northern end however shows some evidence of considerable out flow.  The two fan like structures come out from under Mount Sharp seem to have been created by the impact which may have been at a slight angle. They seem to have been initially overflowed with water that had erupted in the southern part of the crater because they have both have flow channels on both sides, This supports the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology and an underground source of the water that once flooded Meridiani Planum region. .



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