Mars Science Laboratory
on Mars Update V

The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has taken some high resolution images of Mount Sharp and the dark areas between them. This information provided is quite interesting providing new support the Catastrophic theory of Martian  Geology.


This image shows part of the dark area to the south of Curiosity. It resembles soil in the Meridiani Planum region supporting the other evidence that this area too was once flooded. It also shows that the clearly areas are clearly at a lower elevation than where Curiosity actually landed.


First of all the rock layer here look like what would be expected from rapid deposition of the layers including little if any evidence of erosion between layers. What is also evident is that the erosion that carved this out seems o have been done by water  flowing over this part of Mount Sharp including downward gullies resulting from flowing water. In fact even JPL has commented on how similar these features are to those found in the Grand Canyon here on Earth which was carved by water. This actually supports evidence from the last article that this what happened.



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