Evidence Claimed of a Forming Planet

A team astrophysicists claim to have found evidence of of planet forming around a star labeled HD100546 that is 335 light years from Earth. HD100546 has a diameter 2.5 times larger than that of the sun and it is 30 times brighter. However when the facts are examined as is often the case the reality does not live up to the head line or the claim being made.

It needs to be noted that no actual planetary body of any kind has actually been observed let alone one that can objectively be considered to forming. what has actually be been observed is a excess carbon monoxide emission  source who's velocity and position seems vary in a manner that indicates that it orbiting around the star. The claim of a forming planet is nothing  more than the hypothesis that the emission is a result of a circumplanetary disk of gas orbiting a gas giant about three time the size of Jupiter. A similar claim had been made before form around this star in the form of a faint blob of gas at about the distance of Pluto from the sun. Even with this large star are according to planet formation theory, a planet should not be forming that far out however this could simply be a Jupiter size planet with some gas and dust around it.

Now HD100546 does have a disk of dust and gas orbiting it, how ever that does not prove planets are forming here. The logic behind the claim of forming planets is the assumption that planets and stat actually form from dust and gas in space. The theory generally referred to as the Nebula Hypothesis is a purely atheistic theory of the origin of stars and planets, that was specifically designed to explain the existence of stars and planets apart from God. It is also a theory that has it's problems and has need repeated patching to protect it from reality. The reasoning behind this claim is that planets form discs of dust and gas around star, so finding evidence for planets inside a disc of dust and gas around a star gets interpreted as forming planets.




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