Galactic Hyperclusters are too large for the Big Bang

Based on the Big Bang the Universe would have started out with matter vary smoothly spread through out space, there would have been just tiny  variations that gravity amplified to produce the galaxies and galaxy clusters seen to day. Because of the expansion of space  such structures should not be more a few hundred million light years across. Recently hyperclusters of galaxies have been discovered that are more than 3 billion light years across presenting a problem for the Big Bang which already failed to predict the accelerating expansion of the universe and now it’s blown this one.

This raises the issue that since science is about testability and theories are test by the accuracy of their predictions, how many failed predictions will it take for the Big Bang to even be questioned. The answer with regards to the scientific establishment is that no number of failed predictions will ever dethrone the Big Bang because it has reached the status of untestability since it is always patched to fit reality no matter what ad hock invention it takes to do it.


Galactic hyperclusters are too big for the universe.



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