Hubble finds farthest galaxies known

The five galaxies that the Hubble Space Telescope are estimated to be at a distance of 13.1 billion light years placing them right at the fringe oft he observable universe making them the most distant galaxies. They are said to form a forming galactic cluster thus the label protocluster. However there seems to be more presupposition behind this than clear reality. The distance of these objects was estimate based on their color and Hubble's law, however spectroscopic observations are planed. It seems that the label  protocluster is based on a presupposition of the Big Bang and the stage of development that should exist only  300 million years after it.

Looking closely at the five images it is clear that they are on the fringes of detectability just above the image noise so it is possible that  they are t them selves be nothing but noise. Even if they are not noise it is still hard to say four sure that they are galaxies given the low resolution.. This is definitely a discovery to keep an eye on but caution is warranted.



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