Octopuses Survive the Cold by Rewriting Their RNA

Surprising research has shown that artic octopuses survive the Cold climate not because of genetic differences with their warm water cousin but by editing their RNA following transcription. This ability allows them change certain nerve proteins so they work better in the cold. It was previously  thought that  artic octopuses has a different DNA code for these proteins but a recent study showed that their codes were identical. This is what led to the discovery that the  artic octopuses edited their RNA after transcription from the DNA. The RNA edit at one site called I321V is particularly important for dealing with the cold and a comparison of other species show this edit is common in artic species and not common on tropical ones.

The ability to edit RNA on the fly suggests that it is  possible explanation for other similar differences between similar organisms. The big problem is that the rewrite it no interested by offspring, but as long as they inherit the ability to edit their RNA then it does not matter as long as the environment remains the same. The shows that the information system of living things is more sophisticated than previously thought. One thing that should be looked in too is where else does this occur. What other abilities are a result of this editing and were does the organism the data that tells them what to edit, how to edit and when to edit, This could be  a yet undiscovered function of  so called junk DNA.

This shows possible way that different traits can emerge between species that in no way qualify as evolution since the traits are not inherited. It also means that these species of octopus are more closely related than previously thought since there DNA in this area remains the same. It easily explains how some trains come and go with varying conditions. RNA editing needs to be looked for in other types of animals, it may well be more common than currently thought. If so it could explain much of the observed variation between related species.



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