Time to End the Squeaky-clean Image of Science

Since the end World War Two there has been a huge PR effort to make science look absolutely squeaky-clean. The PR effort  has had two unfortunate side affects that have actually harmed science in many ways.  After WWII produced atom bombs, V2 rockets, experiments carried out on prisoner in Nazi concentration camps and Japanese POW camps, and  even the allies using their own soldiers in mustard gas experiments science looked scary and so a PR campaign was started on both sides of the Atlantic

As a result of this PR campaign science has put forth the image of  being "trustworthy, morally upright, objective and dispassionate, and providing a well-defined path from hypothesis to experiment to deduction that will reliably deliver advances and improvements" as stated by New Scientist. This is an image that is not entirely true. Scientists can be just as stubborn an passionate as any one else and objectivity is not as clear cut as the PR campaign would have one to believe.

One unfortunate side affect is that it resulted in the introverted nerdy stereotype of scientists. It made science to look dull and inhuman and definitely not fun. This actually has scared many teenagers away from science who did not want to be seen as nerds or boring. As a result it is time reintroduce the humanity side of science, including it flaws and in trigs. This will go a long way to making it look interesting again.

The other unfortunate side affect not mentioned by the New Scientist article and the main reason why the PR campaign is not likely to end is that the squeaky-clean image presented by it provides excellent propaganda benefits. Something  put forth as science by official sources like news programs, and particularly science programs is instantly taken as true by allot of people. Even worst to keep dissenters from being believed all these same source need to do is decry them as not being scientific. The scientific establishment has benefited from this image too much to give it up. It has lead to the successful pushing climate change and General Evolution despite evidence against them both.



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