Pluto's Atmosphere Indicates Current Geological Activity

 Pluto's surface has provided significant evidence that Pluto is still geological active. This was not expected by most scientists do to the  small  size Pluto. Now Pluto's atmosphere has provided clear evidence of current geological activity.  The atmospheric nitrogen loss rate on Pluto indicates current geological activity. Furthermore such rates are only marginally compatible with Pluto being for 4 billion years old, but it is fully compatible with being less than 10 thousand years old. Pluto being geological activity is also most compatible with Pluto being less than 10 thousand years old with the periods of accelerated nuclear decay indicated by the R.A.T.E project to have occurred 4000 - 8000 years ago.

Reference: Scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto's atmosphere
On The Provenance of Pluto's Nitrogen

Chick on the image of Pluto below to use examine the effects of variations in Pluto's nitrogen loss rate.

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