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The problem of seeing distant star light has been the single biggest problem Young Earth Creationists have had to deal with. This is because it is the only reall objective evidence for an old universe. The reason  is that a light year is the distance traveled at the speed of light in a vacuum in one Earth year. As a result light from a star that is a billion light years away would take a billion years to reach Earth. This results in the question ofhow can we see a galaxy billions of light years away, if the universe is less than ten thousand years old? 

Numerous attempts to solve this problem have been proposed however most of them never gotten any degree of acceptance. They all fall under one of four categories.

1 The Light did not travel the distance
2 Distant stars were created before day 1 of the creation week.
3 The light got here faster.
4 Time dilation.

See the interactive sanction under the video to see the four categories illustrated.

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