Geology is basically the study of the Earth, but do to space flight it has been expanded to include the surfaces of all terrestrial planets.


Minerals and Rocks

Earth's Interior

Plate Tectonics

Principles of Stratigraphy Problems

The Geologic Column



Geology Background

Flood Geology

Milankovitch cycles

Radiometric Dating

Planetary Geology

Main Stream Modern Geology

Main Stream Modern Geology is largely uniformitarian but recognizes that catastrophes have occurred. The fact is that uniformitarianism remains   the dominant paradigm main stream geology with its slow gradual process. It holds that   all things continue as they were from the beginning of the world in perfect fulfillment of  II Peter 3:3-6

Flood Geology

Flood geology find its basic concepts in the Bible. It involves a short creation period followed by a one year global flood that was a judgment from God. This Flood was a major geological catastrophe and a tremendous upheaval that was responsible for laying down most of the sedimentary layers and fossils.



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