Milankovitch cycles


The Milankovitch cycle is the theoretical effect of changes in the Earth's movements upon its climate. The theory is that the eccentricity in the Earth's orbit, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit produce 100,000 year ice age cycles in Earth's climate. Despite the claims of evolutionists this theory does not work.

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If the Earth were more than a few thousand years old changes would occur in the eccentricity, obliquity, and precession of Earth's movements do to the various forces acting on the Earth . These changes in movement and orientation would affect the amount and location of solar radiation reaching the Earth. The affect is called solar forcing. There are problems when it comes to reconciling the theory with reality, even if one assume uniformitarian interpretations of the data.

The variations in eccentricity would have a much smaller affect than precession or obliquity and should produce the weakest effects. However, observations show the strongest variation in the 100,000 year cycle according to uniformitarian dating methods. Further more as the above chart shows the actual pattern is not as good as the theory suggests as the peeks are ate best an imperfect match. Furthermore a strong 400,000 year cycle in the eccentricity variations detected in the climate data. There is also a causality problem in that the alleged climate affects some times seem to occur as much as 10,000 years before the solar forcing that is alleged be causing it.

The simple fact is that the predicted variations in the Earth's movements, are not large enough to cause the change in climate they are alleged to cause. If the Earth were more than a few thousand years old, the variations would probably occur, but they would can not produce the predicted change in climate. However immediately following the Genesis Flood there would be large and rapid climate fluctuations. Uniformitarian geologists intemperate this climate data as occurring over 100's of thousands of years, but Flood geology would intemperate is as occurring with in 1,000 years of the Flood.




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