Flood Legends


If there had been a global flood then accounts of it should survived as legends. To date about 500 such legends are known from all over the world. Most of these had been past down by word of mouth for generations before being written down. Some have been idealized and most have been adjusted to the culture.

A partial list can be found at: Flood Legends from Around the World

The existence of 500 Flood legions gives much credibility to the claim of a global flood so that  it can not simply be dismissed as done by uniformitarian geologists.

So how do we know the Biblical account is the accurate one. The first reason is its source since the Bible being the word of God. Second, it has been proven right numerous time by archeology. The account gives details such a dates showing it to be an historical account. Of all the Flood accounts only the Biblical ark is large enough and sea worthy enough to have actually been possible. The Biblical account also gives scientifically useful details. In fact it has all the elements of a first hand account. So while the various flood legends support the Biblical account, only it can be the original.

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