Electromagnetism is the study of affects of electric charges both at rest and in motion. The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature and it is the main binding force of the atom outside the nucleus. Electromagnetic theory is important to understanding nature.


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The Right Hand Rule

When an electric field is not in relative motion then you just the electric field but when this electric field is placed in relative motion the result is a magnetic field at right angles to both the electric field and relative motion. In addition a magnetic field in relative motion will in turn produce an electric field in the same directions as shown in the illustration.

A common way of determining field directions is called right hand rule. It show up several time in the field of electromagnetism To use it in this case hold you hand as shown here with the three fingers at right angles to each other.

The three vectors point as illustrated the velocity points in the direction of the thumb, the magnetic field points in the direction of the index finger and the electric field points in the direction of the middle finger.

It is this mutual production of electric and magnetic fields that  forms the  bases of the unification of eclectic and magnetic fields. Every thing else in electromagnetism extends from this starting principles.

Right Hand Rule for Electromagnets

An electromagnet starts with a wire.

Induce an electric current into the wire flowing in the direction of the arrow.

The flow of the electric current produces a magnetic field even though the wire remains electrically neutral.

This is where the right hand rule again come into play. Point you thumb in the direction of the current.

Rap your hand around the wire and the magnetic field points in the direction you fingers are pointing.



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