Vector: a mathematical quantity with both a magnitude and direction.

Finding Component Vectors Magnitudes

For a two dimensional vector you need:
Its magnitude                       = M
Its angle relative to the x axis = q

You are looking for:
X = magnitude of x axis component vector
Y = magnitude of y axis component vector

The results are:
X = M cos q
Y = M Sin q

Adding vectors

You first need to find the component vectors of the vectors to be added.

M1 = { X1, Y1}     =>     X = X1 + X2
M2 = { X2, Y2}     =>     Y = Y1 + Y2

The angle of the new vector q:   q = tan-1(Y/X)

The magnitude of the new vector M:

This is an online interactive program to help you learn about vectors and to a limited degree work with them.

Click on the image below to run program.



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