Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment has its bases in the wave/particle duality of subatomic particles. What makes it so amazing is that the results are among the strangest in quantum mechanics. It is the king of quantum weirdness being the strangest results in science. The original double silt experiment used photons of light, but later versions used electrons but the results are the same The double slit experiment is actually responsible for starting Quantum Physics

Waves passing through a double slit produces a bright and dark striped pattern on the screen. The patter is a  result of interference of two waves created by the two slits. The same affect is seen in  water waves going through a double slit.

Shooting quantum particles such electrons at a screen with two slits in it. Commonsense would predict they would produce two spays of particles on the second screen like bullets . Like a wave quantum particles form a series of several light and dark strips there by showing the wave nature of quantum particles as illustratied below.

This shows the results of a double-slit-experiment by Dr. Tonomura showing an interference pattern of electrons.
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In general the wave function represents multiple possibilities. When specific information is measured about an event those possibilities are reduced to one producing the needed information. It then produces a new wave function of multiple possibilities consistent with that one possibility.

All of this put together indicates that what we call reality is actually immaterial at its most fundamental level. At its most fundamental level the universe seems to be composed entirely of information. Making it more like a sophisticated computer program than a world of material objects.

It is not just the existence of the information but its ability of it to eventually be accessed by the experimenter. That experimenter is ultimately a human being that is a conscience entity. The information that makes up reality seems to be calculated as need for a conscience entity so as to produce a consistent reality.

One thing this does show is that consciousness is a fundamental part of reality. This is not new age thought but what the observation of subatomic particles is actually telling us. It is consistent with the Biblical view of God as creator since the universe would be a result of His consciousness. It is also consistent with the Biblical view of God creating the Universe out of nothing.


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