Introduction to Relativity


It may come as a surprise to you but Relativity theory did not begin with Einstein but the basic concept was developed by Galileo. How ever Einstein realized that not only was motion relative but time, mass and length as well. In Galilean Relativity space and time were seen as absolutes. Galileo did not consider the speed of light because he was unable to measure it. Now Galileo tried measure the speed of light and is in fact the first person known to have made the attempt. Newton’s laws of motion were partly based on Galilean Relativity which formed the foundations of physics. It was ultimately the failed attempt to detect the aether known as the Michelson-Morley Experiment led to Einsteinian relativity.

It was the development of both Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity that have lead to our current understanding of space and time. This revolutionary development has been a big help in the development of Creation based cosmology.



Galilean Relativity

Newton to Einstein

Special Relativity

General Relativity

Biblical Significance Relativity

Relativity and Creation Science

Generalized, General Relativistic metric


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